Ultra-thin ceiling antennas are designed to be almost invisible in any environment which makes them ideal for places with low ceilings or shallow spaces.  Noawdays, more and more customers are really interested in low-profile ultra-thin ceiling antennas. This is the trend of the market. Let's  check more detailed informaiton about the ultra-thin ceiling antennas below the video.

If you're looking for an indoor antenna that covers cellular bands, the Down ultra thin antenna is the perfect solution. It is designed to reduce dead spots, improve signal quality, and improve your coverage. It can be mounted in any ceiling or on any wall. The ceiling mount antenna is an ultra-thin ceiling mount antenna that blends into any environment. It is a multi-band, omnidirectional, and omnidirectional. It supports all major cell phone frequency bands. Aside from boosting signal, the Ultra Thin Antenna also helps in enhancing signals inside buildings. 


Characteristics :

Just 8 millimeters thick. Different shapes and sizes for different requirements.

They are compact, light-weight and easy to install. This can save some transportation costs and installation cost.

The series antenna can cover from 600MHz to 6GHz, with a wide range coverage can meet different client’s requirements.

With low return loss, more stable performance.


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