Outdoor Small Cell Antenna can be used in stadiums, hotels, malls and so on, and can be easily and quickly installed on light poles, utility poles, bus stops or building walls. Including some siso sector panel antenna, mimo sector panel antenna, dipole omni antenna, canister antenna, etc. An antenna for communicating with a mobile device via an antenna beam having a width, azimuth and downtilt in a land-based cellular communication system, the antenna comprising: a two-dimensional radiating element array; and a feed from a feeder to the radiating element Network, the feeding network includes: a downtilt phase shifting device for changing the phase of a signal provided to or received from a radiating unit so as to change the downtilt angle of an antenna beam; an azimuth phase shifting device for changing A radiating unit or a phase of a signal received from the radiating unit so that the azimuth of the antenna beam is changed; and a beam width adjusting device for changing the power or phase of the signal supplied to or received from the radiating unit so that the width.