In-Building Antenna 
Conference venues, hotels, office buildings, theaters, residential buildings, etc. In-Building Antenna including ultra-thin antenna, siso omni antenna, mimo omni antenna, siso directional antenna, mimo directional antennas, etc. More and more ceiling antennas become thiner. That will looks better than the normal models. Need to be covered by an indoor distributed system. Small ceiling antennas are used, which have a beautiful appearance, do not affect indoor viewing, and have low power. In-building antenna leads signals from the mobile base station to the antenna through the feeder. Although the internal structure of the in-building antenna is very small, it is based on the antenna wideband theory, with the aid of computer-assisted design, and debugging using a network analyzer. Improve indoor signal strength: Through the distributed antenna system in the building, mobile communication signals are transmitted to all corners of the building through antenna feeders to solve indoor signal strength and quality problems. In addition, by adding a mains amplifier, the energy lost due to feeder losses can be compensated and the coverage of the main unit can be expanded. In-building antenna can solve the problem of indoor traffic congestion and interference: indoor use of base stations or microcellular + indoor distribution system can effectively absorb indoor traffic and share the outdoor base station traffic load. 
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