How much do you know about beautify antennas? Let's have a look!

Beautify antenna also be called "camouflage antenna", "hidden antenna" and "landscape antenna". It is to camouflage and modify the antenna appearance by various means under the premise of maintaining sufficient signal intensity. Integrate design, with excellent indexes and beautifying effect. Moreover, the project is simplified, the cost of building stations is saved, and the purpose of beautifying modeling and coordination with the environment is achieved. The integrated concealed antenna is essentially a base station antenna with special appearance, which also includes the radiation unit and boundary conditions necessary for the antenna, package the protective parts (antenna covering) and installation bracket, among which the antenna covering plays the role of protecting the main body of the antenna, slowing down the influence of temperature and humidity changes, rain, gale and other factors on the antenna theme. The covering is designed to be concealed directly, so that the secondary cover is omitted. It can beautify the visual environment of the city, reduce the residents' fear and resistance to the wireless electromagnetic wave, extend the service life of the antenna, and ensure the quality of communication. Beautify antenna includes outdoor and indoor beautification antenna, including spotlight beautifying antenna and exhaust pipe type beautifying antenna.