Let's get to know more about the ultra-thin ceiling antenna!

Ultra-thin ceiling antenna is highly favored by many customers. Compact, light-wight and easy installation. It transmits and receives the signal in a 360-degree pattern. The ultra-thin ceiling antennas feature 600 MHz to 6 GHz operation, with -150 or -153 dBc PIM rating. Typically used in indoor distribution of 2G/3G/4G/5G wireless service in all standardized frequency bands. Including SISO omni antennas and MIMO antennas.
1. Coverage from 600MHz to 6000MHz
2. Low return loss and high performance
3. Connector can be customized
4. The thinnest is 8mm
5. Compact, light-weight and easy installation
Dawn is one of leading antenna manufacturer. We produce SISO omni antenna, Wi-Fi panel antenna, outdoor panel antenna and so on. We provided OEM/ODM services to leading communication companies since 2005.
The technicians have been worked in this area with more than 22 years.
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