4-Port Panel Antenna- Can be used for indoor or outdoor

Dawn Communication’s 4-port directional indoor antenna is covered from 600MHz to 6000MHz. It’s also an outdoor panel antenna. There is four ports for the antenna. Detailed frequency range(gain) is 600-698MHz(4.0dBi), 698-960MHz(5.5dBi), 1425-2700MHz(8.5dBi), 3300-4000MHz(7.0dBi), 4000-6000MHz(6.0dBi). The antenna polarization forms are horizontal polarization and vertical polarization. Four separate pigtail with N-Female connectors or 4.3-10 DIN-Female connectors. Connectors can be chose according to the customers’ requirements. Wide frequency range. High quality materials are used to ensure low loss and high performance of antenna.
Dawn communications has been focusing on indoor omni antenna, outdoor panel antenna. One of the professional indoor omni antenna factory, outdoor panel antenna supplier. More indoor omni antennas, outdoor panel antennas and so on still developing. Continuous innovation and professional technical support can continuously improve our market competitiveness.